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The Sensitiv Imago

The methodology of the Sensitiv imago diagnostics is based on scientific research clarifying the fundamental nature of biological matter in our vicinity. The waves that surround all differ from each other due to their characteristics. The living cell of a biological object has its own wave frequency, whilst the frequency of an invalid cell is changed. Each therapeutic preparation has its own peculiar frequency waves. These properties are recorded by the Sensitiv imago computer diagnostics. Click HERE for a list of its capabilities.


Harmonic Egg

The harmonic egg uses Bio Resonant therapy (AKA: BRT). Everything in this world (Including human bodies), emit electromagnetic radiation. The human body is designed to heal itself, but often times  can get overwhelmed, overburdened and require support. When environmental stress or DNA damage happens to the body, it alters the magnetic frequency (ex: Imagine a guitar going out of tune). The Harmonic Egg has the ability to detect these altered vibration in your body and “re-tune” any imbalance allowing your body to heal and optimally  

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Body Activation

Using traditional myofascial release, structural balancing, and intuition, Jay offers body activation and relaxation sessions. These may be indoors or in nature, or even at your home. It is essential to find the environment that matches the inner sanctuary of each individual. Jay is attentive and supportive of this unique process, working co-creatively to resolve pain, tension and chronic conditions. 

Image by Erik Mclean


Brainspotting is a unique somatic trauma therapy, based on the principle "Where you look affects how you feel."

Jaydee became a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner in early 2020, and has been offering this healing modality to all ages ever since.
She has taken specific BSP trainings on Developmental Trauma, Post-traumatic Stress, Children & Adolescents, and Generational Brainspotting.


We've tried many modalities as practitioners and patients. We could not live without the Biomat! Infrared technology, Amethyst Crystal, DC current, Negative Ions and built in EMF mitigation. Infrared works on the pineal gland, produces melatonin, and is the antidote to cortisol. Unsurpassed physical, energetic and emotional benefits. Persoanlly, the Biomat restored my sleep cycle and eased my structural issues more than ANYTHING!  click the link above, or email to discuss if one is an alignment for you!

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Pressure Point Massage
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