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Image by Cristina Gottardi

Appalachian Association of Therapeutic Arts, is a collective of practitioners and modalities committed to persevere through the darkness, the pain, the parts that we turn from,

knowing that as we walk through the fire, what ails us is transformed and our embers

become our greatest power. 


Those who work with us, possess the potential to shift and clear using bioenergetic medicine.

The path may be shadowed at times, the truth may be clouded for moments, the mind and heart may be tumultuous, 

and the physical body may ail, but together we will transmute into our self-mastery.

It is up to us to be accountable in what we do, if it is up-leveling we truly desire


Using unique, cutting-edge, frequency- based, bioenergetic healing devices,

we individuate modalities for both diagnostic and treatment protocols. 

AATA offers the opportunity for you to find your uniquely coded Resonance Within.

Image by Matthew Henry

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